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What is the difference between a conservatory, an orangery and an extension?

At Staffordshire Home Improvements , we specialise in house renovations and home Improvements across Staffordshire. We are frequently asked what the differences between a conservatory and an extension are. It is rare to be asked about orangery’s, but it still does get asked from time to time. In short, these two items are very different to one another. Due to misinterpretation and the flow of information on the web, lots of people get confused about the both nowadays.

Here at Staffordshire home Improvements, when it comes to home extensions, we specialise in conservatories and orangery’s rather than extensions. We frequently remove conservatories as part of our work, to then replace them with an orangery style instead, also building them from scratch completely bespoke to our customers’ needs.

Although the two options are similar to one another, they are not exactly the same. Back in the day, orangeries and conservatories were easy to identify from one another. Now, general misrepresentation means a lot of people think they are the same thing. It’s particularly important you know the difference if you are looking to buy a property or add one of the above.

The short answer

If we were grading the two on a scale, a conservatory would be the least amount of time lasting, orangeries would last the longest.

The Conservatory

Conservatories generally consist of dwarf walls (a low wall) and lots of glass. The glass is typically supported by uPVC structure. They are attached to the existing property, generally to the rear or the side.

All of our conservatories are bespoke and can be tailored to your needs, please see our gallery for some photos of our latest work.

With conservatories and orangeries, we offer a totally free CAD design to help you choose how your new project will look, we can even show you how it would look on your property with the technology we have here