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Are you wondering about the distinctions between a conservatory, an orangery, and an extension? Look no further for clarity! 


At Staffordshire Home Improvements, we specialise in house renovations and home improvements across Staffordshire, and we often find ourselves addressing this common query.

Conservatory vs. Orangery vs. Extension: Unraveling the Differences...

In the world of home extensions, the terms “conservatory” and “orangery” are frequently used interchangeably, leading to confusion. Contrary to common belief, these two options are distinctly different from each other. With misinformation prevalent on the web, it’s easy to get them mixed up.

What Sets Us Apart: Specialists in Conservatories and Orangeries

At Staffordshire Home Improvements, we focus on creating exceptional conservatories and bespoke orangeries, setting us apart from the typical extensions. Our expertise extends beyond mere construction; we often replace existing conservatories with tailor-made orangery styles, ensuring our customers’ unique needs are met.

Understanding the Distinctions

While conservatories and orangeries share similarities, such as abundant natural light, they are not identical. Historically, orangeries were distinguishable from conservatories, but modern misrepresentation has blurred these lines. Knowing the difference is crucial, especially if you’re considering a property purchase or planning an extension.


In a nutshell, if we were to grade them on longevity, conservatories would be the least enduring, while orangeries stand out for their lasting appeal.

Bespoke Conservatories Tailored to Your Desires

Our conservatories are characterised by dwarf walls and extensive glass, typically supported by a uPVC structure. Positioned to the rear or side of your existing property, each conservatory we build is entirely bespoke.



Take a glimpse into our gallery to witness the craftsmanship of our latest projects.


In line with our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a complimentary CAD design service for both conservatories and orangeries. Visualise your dream project with our cutting-edge technology, allowing you to see how it complements your property seamlessly.



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Choose Staffordshire Home Improvements for unrivaled expertise, bespoke designs, and lasting quality. Contact us today to transform your living space into a haven of elegance and functionality. Check out our projects gallery for inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are orangeries and conservatories suitable for year-round use?
Yes, both orangeries and conservatories can be designed for year-round use. By incorporating high-quality insulation and efficient heating systems, we ensure that these spaces remain comfortable in all seasons.
Are planning permissions required for building an orangery or conservatory?
In many cases, planning permissions are not required for standard-sized conservatories or orangeries. However, specific regulations may vary depending on your location and the size of the structure. We can guide you through the planning process to ensure compliance with local regulations.
Are orangeries only suitable for larger properties?
Not at all. Orangeries can be designed to complement properties of various sizes. Our experts work closely with you to create a design that seamlessly integrates with the existing architecture, ensuring a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing result, regardless of the property size.

Do conservatories and orangeries require a lot of maintenance?
Both conservatories and orangeries are designed with low maintenance in mind. Modern materials, such as uPVC and high-quality glass, are used to minimise the need for regular upkeep. Periodic cleaning and inspections are usually sufficient to keep these structures in excellent condition.
Can an existing conservatory be converted into an orangery?
Yes, it is possible to convert an existing conservatory into an orangery. Our specialists can assess the feasibility of such a project during the consultation phase and provide a tailored solution to meet your requirements.
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